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VP8 Bally EM Recreation Capt. Fantastic (Bally 1976) released at IRP

Electro-Mechanical Machines


Perfectionist Bastard
Capt. Fantastic has been released at IRP (thank you, Duglis!).

That said, it will be updated sometime soon, along with another release of Wizard! and Aladdin's Castle.

And as soon as I can get the goods for Old Chicago, I'll take care of that one, too! :)


PN co-founder
Nicely done Wolf, and I can even see the table this time. Although I prefer them lighter, I can live with it the way it is. The one thing I would like to see changed on all your tables would be the scores to be displayed larger, so I could actually see how well, or poorly, I've done. I have to squint and use my imagination to guess my score. Aside from that, it plays nicely.

However, midway through the first game two white areas appeared onscreen, one a rectangle on the right side of the backglass, the other closer to a triangular shape near the top of the shooting lane. There are the first such glitches I've ever encounted on any table. And no, I don't have a ?Nivia? card.

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