Captain Fantastic (Bally, 1976)

Bally EM Recreation FP Captain Fantastic (Bally, 1976) v1.2

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martinB submitted a new resource:

Captain Fantastic (Bally 1976) - electro mechanical pinball

Special feature: All my electromechanical pinball games do not use the future Pinball own routine to reset the score rolls, but a self-programmed one that performs the reset faithfully.

Across the Special-1-Key *) you can choose and save whether name-entry (initials) on the end of game shall be used.

Across the Special-2-Key *) you can choose and save the number of balls per game.

If you fade-out or fade-in the HUD-Display across the Toggle-Hud-Key, then this setting will get saved...

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Pinball Player
How do you change to 5 balls like the original. I tried to change in the future pinball "front end" but it does not work.

Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
I also had a problem with the link, so I went over to Martin's site, grabbed the current working d/l link, and refreshed it back in to the resource entry. Seems to work okay, now.

Also manually added the link in direct-format to the bottom of the listing, just in case.
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