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Captive Ball Troubles.


Inserted Coin
For some reason, my table runs fine, right up until I add the script for the captive ball.
' CaptiveKicker.createball
' CaptiveKicker.Kick 45,1
' CaptiveKicker.enabled = false
The table bogs down bigtime when added.
Has anyone run into the same and what was the solution to keep the captive ball?
Thank You


Pinball Wizard
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yes, first it's best to keep a captive ball in a kicker.

Sub table1_Init

create the captive ball in table_init, which is the first routine executed after the table is rendered.

Always leave the captive kicker enabled - so it can grab the ball afterwards

Have the ball be kicked at a speed/force of 3 or higher, so the ball leaves the 'hit area' of the kicker or vp won't see it as a hit event.

The 'bogs down' is because if you let the ball roll or rest against a wall freely, it can generate a few hundred 'hit events' on that wall per second.
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