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Christmas Pinball (Arkon, 1980) VPX

VPX SS Original Table Christmas Pinball (Arkon, 1980) VPX v3.1

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I have Pinball Dementia!!
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xenonph submitted a new resource:

Christmas Pinball (Arkon, 1980) VPX - A mod of a real mod!

Christmas Pinball

Added JP's LUT script to table. Toggled by pressing 2 Key (Buy-In Key)
Moved GI Lights color change to 3 Key
Added Modified script that combines JP's Lut script with STAT's Plastics change script.
The result being now when you make plastics change or bumper change, they are saved and loaded on next play of table! So you can pick your favorites, and they will be loaded on next run of table.
Plastics change is toggled with Left Magna-Save, Bumper Change with...

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