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VP8 Bally SS Recreation Christmas present

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
Here are some tables for VP8 UC physics.

4 of them are updates:

and 2 of them are new:

Mostly the updates are:
- new LEDs
- some new graphics (not on all the tables)
- and most of all adjusted to run under VP8 UC physics

As always the tables are unlocked so just change anything you don't like.
I was hoping to have Lap by Lap finished by Christmas, but I can't find the right numbers for the lights, so I guess it is up to Destruk/TAB to finish it.

Well, the last two years have been great fun for me.
2006 where the year of my first steps in vpm tables and photoshop
2007 where the year of my "wide view" tables and I could call it a "quantity" year :) more than a "quality" year, being some tables better than others.
2008 I'm not quite sure what I'll do next year. One thing is sure: I'm finished trying to make copies of real tables. Most of the tables are already recreated anyway, so I'm sorry to disappoint many of you waiting for more vpm tables from me. It has taken me a long time to come to this decision, but it is time to move onto other things. I still have some ideas for an original table, so I may make it if it looks and plays nice.

Thanks for all the help and support I got from many of you.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

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I think you should create an original real world pinball machine, with the real cabinet, real dmd, real flipper buttons. That'd be a good fun project.


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Thanks JP, I really learrned to like the closeup versions of your tables, so much in fact, that I now don't download the small tables that some release with the BB balls and teeny-tiny flippers.

I'm looking forward to a JP original and please do a WIP thread, so we can offer suggestions and watch the table progress.


Pinball Wizard
I have plans about making 2 originals for VP, of course. I don't think I want to start with a real table :) but it should be nice to own a real one, one day I'll convince my other half :)

"fireball" or "orbitor1": If I ever decide to make a recreation again I'm sure I'll add those two tables. But just now I'm tired of making them and I want to try something different.

ANDROID sent me an idea for an original which could be really nice, and If I manage to put his ideas in a table it will be a really nice and challenging table. I'll make a WIP thread when I start with the table.

I also have an idea about a hybrid table: using the rom from a table to build a new VP table. But I guess that if I make a table like this will get me banned from some forums :)

I wish you all a happy new year 2008 and I hope you are having a nice Christmas!

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