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Circuit City Closeout Sale Begins 01-17-09 (Saturday)


Pinball Wizard
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Well, I would be updating the Circuit City thread at VPF, but...

Circuit City is going out of business and the closeout sale starts tomorrow 01-17-09. Prices might be meh or very good, so do some quick checking on the Net and know what you are buying and you *might* make a good deal for yourself. You can also try haggling the price, though I can't guarantee it'll work.

And talk about how to shoot yourself in the foot, check out the Circuit City Timeline on this page:

And the article on the closing:

And Good Luck! :juggle:
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Funken Druck
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sleepy said:
Circuit City Closeout Sale Begins 10-17-09 (Saturday)

sleepy the title of the thread says 10-17-09

i guess you don't want anyone trying to get their hands on your laptop :D


damn! I just went out and bought (at an outrageous price!) a 512 mb ddr ram card from Best Buy. Funny, online I could have gotten it for around $20 u.s. but no I had to pay $52! geez, oh well My computer needed the extra speed. Maybe I can get a video card there to circumnavigate the intel graphix that currently slogs along. Someone on VPF mentioned I can get a pci graphix card. Does circuit city sell computer stuff? I've never even set foot inside one (I heard they were expensive!)


Inserted Coin
Does circuit city sell computer stuff? I've never even set foot inside one (I heard they were expensive!)
Yep, they sure do. I find Circuit City's product line is very similar to Best Buy actually, though I tend to prefer Best Buy. Prices between the two are usually competitive from my experience.



Monarch Of The Sea
As one of the In-home Firedog Techs at the Circuit City in Wilmington, De, I am taking the news a bit differently. I am, as of today...unemployed!:verysad::axed:

I think you will find the PC products priced initially the same as Open Box products have been in the past....10-30% off regular price.


Inserted Coin
Massive "buyer beware" here, liquidations often don't save you much and you'll only have the manufacturer's warranty on any products, so if it's dead out of the box you can't bring it back and get another one.

So it would be more like buying online and having to send it back if it's DOA, and you'll probably find it cheaper online since circuit city and best buy are often way higher normally.


Pinball Wizard
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Going out of business sales usually start at 10 to 30% off, not much different from a typical sale, so you might want to gamble and wait for the second price cut around the second week where the prices may go as low as half-off. When CompUSA closed their stores in this area, the second week prices were 50% off and they still had PCI and AGP video cards for $30 to $50, but be aware that standard PCI 2.0 is just plain vanilla and will not do the job like an AGP 4x/8x card or the current PCI-e cards will.
Note that PCI-e cards are NOT useable in standard PCI slots. PCI-e is different.

Also check to see that the video card includes Shaders version 2.0 or higher and high video RAM, at least 128 Mb. minimum, or you may be very disappointed. Shaders 2.0 should be good to go with XP while I would look for a AGP video card starting with 256 Mb. RAM. If your motherboard has PCI-e slots available, then choose PCI-e for the card but make sure the card is compatible with your operating system (XP, Vista, Win 2000, Win 98SE, or Linux) else it probably won't work on your system.

I would check anything bought immediately and then if it's DOA take it back ASAP and talk to the manager, but do it immediately. Don't wait.

I'm sorry to hear that, Mudfinger. Were the decisions made by the company ever a matter of discussion amoung your fellow employees? Looking at the timeline I see where the heads failed to take an offer from a couple of sources.


Inserted Coin
I wondered if the end was closer then Circuit City let on. Here in Canada they bought out Radio shack and turned them all into the Source by Circuit City. So I guess all we'll have is Best Buy and Future Shop. Which are the same store as Best Buy owns Future Shop. I've been noticing in the last week though that The Source's downtown location has been looking rather empty. It's a shame since they just did a big reno and just moved back at the end of October.


Radio Shacks are still alive and well here in the Eastern US, although they are always empty when I go by! their salespeople suck! I went in there asking about ddr ram cards and received a blank stare followed by a "what the hell is that" a direct quote by the manager! I laughed and tried to explain it to him. he assured me that they, and here again I will quote cause I found it hilarious, "sir, we don't and never will carry anything that requires you to open up your computer, thereby voiding the warranty" end quote. I laughed all the way out of the store, thinking how just a few short yrs. ago I used to buy computer cards there all the time, from graphics to ddr rams! I explained to him that in order to remain on top of the industry one MUST indeed open his/her system to exchange cards, they even carry internet cards. I asked him about those, he said, "Only certified and licensed personnel should open any computer" No wonder their stores are empty! what an ignorant manager!


sXe And Better Than You
God, that's an idiot. Warranty only voids for the old part that you have put out, and that new part gains the new warranty. Ignorant idiot.

And how am I supposed to check if my RAM is sticking in the computer correctly? Should I whip out my x-ray vision?

But anyway, closure sales are good opportunities to get some cheap bargains. Always good to go there.

The McD


Pinball Wizard
Radio Shacks are still alive and well here in the Eastern US .... their salespeople suck!

Have to say that my experience in Sioux Falls, SD was exceptional. Needed an odd lead for my Acer laptop - and the manager was superb in checking out my requirements and finding one. I left a very happy bunny. While I was there, another sales guy was being very helpful to another customer. One of the best stores I've been in. Also true of the tiny little store in Moab, Ut.

But the 2 Best Buy stores we called at .... well they must have gotten their staff from the Muppets reject bins .... appalling service and comprehension of my requirement which was a 'region free' DVD player.

Speak as you find guys. :)


Pinball Player
Got me a nice deal for $540, before tax, at my local Circuit City:

add a real video card even a low end less then $50 ati 3450 you can even find 3650 / 4650 cards for $50 - $60 some even have dual dvi.

as the Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 sucks and with 128MB dedicated graphics memory is a BIG TIME LIE it uses system ram and the intel video drivers sucks.

ATI / AMD has good low end on video with it's own ram on there 790gx chipset based boards and some 780g boards.

you can also build your own system or get a custom dell , hp or others from there own site.


you I have 'intel' graphix on the motherboard and it DOES indeed suck! I can't even play the demo of 'spore' cause my video ain't up to snuff and the newer pins still make my computer chug with all the graphics (fading lights and mulitball are the 2 biggest culprits) lights i can turn off, but every time I get multiball on the newer recreations (cirqus Voltaire, Medevil madness, STTNG, Tales from the Crypt) my screen flashes and the balls vanish resulting usually in a lost ball or 3! I hate Intel Graphics!!
Lordy Stay away from Dell unless you really know computers. their online support is a joke (and they'll charge you around $45 for a call OR AN ONLINE VISIT after your warranty expires)
On an aside, I finally picked up another 512MB ddr ram card, now i CAN have up to 7 windowas open with no problem or fear of a crash to desktop! so I can have my wip pin open, and the script, and a tutorial, and my noptes on wordpad all open and running safely/ Did I go to circuit city? no stupid me One day before thesale started I shelled out $52 ast best Buy, where I had to ask 5 different 'geek squad' guys to find the right card. ( thought they knew everything, I knew more than the first 4)
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Rockin' And Rollin'
Online support(and customer service) overall SUCKS. You walk into a store and basically, you're on an island. If you ask about anything more than basic(or current!) you get a weird look like you stepped off a space ship. Online....where do I start! More times than not, you're bounced around like a ball from web page to web page and usually, you're more frustrated than when you started this mess. Calling....FORGET IT! Sometimes when I call(not for my computer but for someone who isn't computer saavy), I feel like I know more than they do; just trying to get a resolution to a problem, nagging or otherwise and not void the warranty.

I really feel bad for ANYONE losing their job, especially for the "grubs" working for a decent salary and a means to stay alive. Management....may they burn in hell. Greedy, rude, disconcerning and spoiled brats. Sad thing, they'll land on their feet more often than not.

The weird thing(s) about CC - I went in Wednesday after work to exchange something that was damaged. I asked a rep if they heard anything about the Chap 11 business. They had not. I'm sure everyone involved was blindsided by this action. They're claiming that the stores in Canada are OK....but I wonder if that is really true based on the recent track record of management. Another...the sales ads must be sent into local newspapers a lot in advance. They had the ad in this morning's paper..... RIP Circuit City.
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