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Coding question.


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I am not a table coder per say, but i add DOFLinx code to an existing table to allow force feedback and addressable LED based on specific events.

I am running into some difficulty trying to apply an event trigger for a sound that does not appear in the script. How do i find how that specific sound is triggered?

i found the sound in the Music manager and it is called vo_showtime. but i want to be able to apply some lights effects on the table when that sound gets played in the table.



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Sounds can be triggered by the "Sound Effects" option on table objects. However, music can't. The only option is to add it to the script.

If you are searching for "PlayMusic", you might try searching for "EffectMusic" that is used mainly to resume music that is paused on a channel.

It is possible the music you found may have been abandoned. I had trouble finding some music once. I finally found it after something else had played. Music files that sound different can be joined together into one file.
Those are all the ideas I have.


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The Addams Family Pro v 1.05

Within the "StartMultiball" Routine there are Music files [FP Music Manager] "fx_Multiball2" and "fx_TAFMBStart3" that contain the ...'Show Time'... voice sound effect; as George inferred (Music files that sound different can be joined together into one file") - that may be what you are looking for?

Also, and like yourself, having reviewed the code - it does not contain the "vo_showtime" music file [FP Music Manager] file being called/used; as shiva commented - it may be 'unused'.
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