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Comments wanted for Russ Jensen article


PN co-founder
I have begun writing an article about Russ Jensen, who has been a big help to me, not only with images and information, but also in allowing Jon and me to republish any of his articles on our site. I know that he has helped countless others, and that without his images, The Pinball Database would be a lot less useful.

Anyone who would be willing to share their thoughts about Russ can either post them in this thread, or e-mail them to me at zifbob@peoplepc.com. I will use the better comments, and maybe all of them that I receive. I plan to use individual usernames when I write the article, so if you'd rather not be mentioned, let me know.

I never knew Dick Bueschel, but I still hear wonderful things about him. It got me wondering if he really knew how respected he was. So I thought it would be nice to write a tribute to Russ while he could enjoy reading it. Thanks in advance for any help.

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