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Cow Poke (Gottlieb, 1965) VPX

VPX Gottlieb EM Recreation Cow Poke (Gottlieb, 1965) VPX Original & v1.0a Lighting Tweaks

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xenonph submitted a new resource:

Cow Poke (Gottlieb 1965) VPX - Loserman76 Tribute!!

Cow Poke (Gottlieb, 1965)
IPD No. 581

Build/Coding by Loserman76
Artwork by GNance
'* hauntfreaks - newer postit note images, environment file, lighting information, primitives
'* BorgDog - his tables that helped me to understand more with VPX - and I probably lifted a primitive or 2 from them as well
'* GNance - score motor tweaks to behave like a real EM, PostIt routines, Options menu
'* JPSalas - gameroom backdrop
'* Pinuck -...

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