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VP8 Flipperless Recreation Cracker Jack Field Goal released


PN co-founder
Field Goal is a skill game, rather than a pin toy, but I've made a few changes and added some sounds to convert it into a nice little diversion. You get 10 footballs to determine if you're good enough to be the Cracker Jack's new field goal kicker. Now be warned that the team plays on a field where winds can pop up from any direction. Fans have been invited to watch the try out and while they'll cheer wildly if you're good, they'll boo you just as much when you miss. The coach is a bit tired from all these try outs, so you might have to wake him up. Thanks go to both Bob and Destruk for the football images, which you can choose between, and Destruk, for his scripting help.

You can find Field Goal by following this link and paging down a few times:





  • Field Goal (Cracker Jack)(1950).zip
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