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VP8 Flipperless Recreation Curious George toy pin released


PN co-founder
I have searched for over a year for a useable images for this pin toy. Although I'm not positive when this Curious George pin game was made, I'm fairly sure it was made in 2001, for the 60th anniversary of the publication of the original Curious George story, Curious George Goes To The Hospital. Written by Margaret and Hans Agusto Rey, it was the first book I remember having read to me as a baby or toddler in the late 1940s. I still am a Curious George fan, having watched the Curious George cartoons, and have even re-read all of the Curious George stories. This one is made for all the wonderful memories. You can get this pin, inspired by the inquisitive little monkey and the man in the yellow hat by following this link:





  • Curious George (xxxx)(196x).zip
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PN co-founder
zerhino said:
Classics never die, but this is a recent classic, making it even better. Nice recreation.

Thanks zerhino, glad you like it. I was surprised to see that not only was a cartoon series about Curious George made a few years back, but that it's still as popular as it was when it first appeared back in 1941. It's interesting to me that with all the modern toys and gadgets there are that so many classic stories are still being reused.