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Doctor Who (Toy) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Recreation Doctor Who Flipperless Toy v1.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download


Pinball Wizard
Doctor Who flipperless handheld toy I found a pic for. I posted it a while back at VPF in the outlane. Built with John's starter table and is clearly credited in the script. Thanks to John. :wink:

This is my first flipperless table. I'm not sure if I uploaded it to the right place. I uploaded it to Irpinball visual pinball uploads that is the only place I could find to upload here. Anyway if you want it that's where it is. Thanks

Press S to start game
Press R after a game to reset the table
Press 5 for music

Here is a small screenshot.


  • dr_who.jpg
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PN co-founder
Looks like a fun game Liteuser. I'm happy you found my starter table useful. I grabbed it from IRP, and will add it here shortly. For future reference, to upload a table here, click on Download, and then click on Add A Download. As soon as I see it, I'll check it out and add it. Thanks for another flipperless toy for my collection.

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