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Doom II by Larsboy

VP8 Original Table Doom II by Larsboy v.211 classic + tweaked vers.

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Isaac Sauvage

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Isaac Sauvage submitted a new resource:

Doom II - P.S. Cyberdemons are lousy guests. Pass it on!

With Larsboys' permission (see email & table notes), here comes a good ol' classic from the good ol' days, updated a bit!

Note: HyperPin physics seem to be fine with this table. Also, it seems to work just fine with VP9 physics. Maybe VPX physics, too? Anyway, I'd LOVE it if someone helped me bring the table up to VPX.7 standards.

* D-O-O-M Lanes: Advance bonus multiplier.

* H-I-T Targets: Light all to power up Jet Bumpers and activate Award at...

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Hi! I see you are also interested in bringing Doom II Pinball up to date. I discovered your tweak of the table the other day while working on my own adjustments (very cool coincidence!). Perhaps we can coordinate our efforts.

So far, I have modded the script to create an UltraDMD so that I could move the Score and Message text boxes out of the way when running in Cabinet mode. As far as I can tell everything is working correctly in the DMD version, with the exception of a logic error in the Sub responsible formatting numbers to strings which sometimes removes the ones digit, and the large UltraDMD font size pushing some of the larger messages off of the display area (for example, YOU KILLED THE CYBER).

Also for cabinet use, I have created a DirectB2S that shows the boss lights in the way that they show up on the Desktop version HUD - minus the flashing effects on the boss lights, which for now just turn on solid to show a change in state. I have to go back into the B2S Editor to program flashing animations to run when the light state is set to Blinking, as there does not appear to be any callback function related to switching a Blinking light on and off. Then I have to write calls to those animations in the table script. (While I am at it, I should revisit the GIMP project I used to make the backglass image and clean up the look and spacing; I mostly wanted to quicky throw something to test with, as I had never done a B2S before and was not sure it would even work...)

While I do really like the UltraDMD as it is now, I am thinking about trying to port the B2S logic used to drive the 14 segment alphanumeric displays used on the backglass for Shovel Knight and make a B2S DMD screen, as I am still partial to the affect of the Williams System 11 style display Lars used in the original table. I am also kicking around the idea of trying to make a PuP Pack someday with UI elements and video clips adapted from the original game, which does fly in the face of my previous sentence, but I think it would be another fun option for cab users to try out and choose their preferred experience.

I have not done any cosmetic adjustments to the table itself, apart from creating a POV that I think is alright for cabinet mode. I do not particularly care to either unless the whole thing is ported to VPX (and even then I would not really know what I was doing with lighting, remastering textures and models, etc). While remastered visuals would be great, in a way I actually like the garish aliased rendering of the table - helps sell the feeling of being in a low-poly, highly pixelated 1994 DOS game with a soundtrack rendered by General MIDI soundfonts :)

I am running the VPT in VP 9.9.5 and while I have noodled a bit with the physics they are still a bit odd and unrealistic and unlike I remember the table playing back when I first discovered it probably over a decade ago. I have not compared your tweaks to mine at length, I did flip your version a little bit and it seems to be fine, probably better than what I came up with. I cannot really loop the Cyberdemon ramp more than once with my current settings, and all the rubbers still feel pretty dead (only elasticity values I changed were on the upper playfield, to make it more possible to get a second chance at shooting at the boss).

Anyway I will send a short clip of the attract mode loop running in Popper in the next day or so once I copy it off of my phone. I have some other things that I need to tend to before I should allow myself to keep playing with this table, but I may also send you my current VBS POV and dB2S for review, playtesting, etc when I am on my cab next.

More soon, hopefully!

(Pasting Conversation draft into a comment because it was getting flagged for spam or something nothing too secret here anyway.)

Isaac Sauvage

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Wow, interesting!
Yeah, I'd love to take a look. Best possible scenario would be moving it to VPX.7, but one step at a time.

I'm pretty exclusively a desktop player, but I do have a widescreen monitor that swivels from landscape to portrait mode.

Also kinda struggling with a couple other projects right now, but should have more time for this one soon...
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