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Dumb question time...


Pinball Player

I downloaded VP 6.1? from the site here, but I can't open a new file to write a new game with it. If I try to open the VP program, I get a screen that says either 'repair' or 'delete' VP.
Evidently it must be a 'reader' of some kind -like Adobe Reader?

What am I doing wrong?




PN co-founder
Maybe nothing. Try pressing delete, and then reinstalling the program. Make sure that you click Yes or Continue at every prompt. I thought you already had VP installed. If you did, the foul up might be in trying to install a second copy.



Pinball Player
I tried that before I got the second copy - the first one didn't work for writing, only playing too, so I deleted it and got the second one.
Sameo, sameo.

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