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Dune Buggy (original)


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I'm having trouble with music in this table. Same sound and music files work flawlessly in all other tables, but in this table, music plays until a couple of sound effects trigger, then the music goes all crackly for a bit before cutting out entirely. Anybody got any ideas what might cause this?


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Almost finished with this table. just solved an issue with corrupt sound files. Just some final tweaks and a couple of score events for the ramps and some testing, and it will be done.

Rule set:

5 bank:
Light BUGGY to open first lock
Visit the dunes by locking 1st ball (far back left corner of table, behind platform) to open second
Visit the lifeguard by locking 2nd to open guards tower (3rd lock)
At any time, hit centre kicker to release any locks.
Release all at once for 4 ball multi!

Racecourse mode:
Also dropping the 5 bank activates racecourse mode, lighting first checkpoint at left ramp.
hit the ramp to light second and then third etc. Six check points in all, each worth double the last.

3 bank:
Light CAR targets to light the bumper lamp for 3x bumpers.

Light top lanes for bonus mulitplier

Light SAND (in/out lanes) for ballsaver.

Shoot ramp for "ridge" to access the raised playfield via the back dunes ramp. Once there, light DUNES to light the hill. Then shoot the ramp again for BIG DUNE (50k) and light DUNES again to start ESACPE MODE (shoot the three main playfield kcikers to spell CAR on the DMD to escape the beach patrol - 50k)

Left kicker behind ramp closes outlane diverters for 30 seconds

Shooting the ramp will light the incremental score lights, starting at 500 and doubling for each one lit, the same way the loop lane to the bumpers works on the right.

Light D and B (two target bank) to light the channel behind them. Shoot the channel while lit for head to head dune race mode (two ball quick multiball).

left habitrail and right hand return ramp both score 15k at the opto trigger.

Stock Media provided by Onejay / Pond5 (musuc "Summer Travel Energy")


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