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Earthshaker (Williams, 1989) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Recreation Earthshaker V1.1 (PD) Released v1.2 Full Anim Version (VP8 and non-ATI VP7)

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Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
Earthshaker V1.1 Additions/Changes
- Switch to PD Light System V5.5
Note: Only New Flashers Fade for this release

- Numerous graphical improvements
- Animated standup targets
- Animated pop bumpers
- New "back_room2" backdrop added
- New default ball image (Ball9R2)
- High Resolution Plunger Added
- Plunger Reel Animation Used
- Auto/Manual Toggle Switch Reel is now shown when Coin Box key (END) is pressed and disappears when pressed again.
- Advanced Script Option Added to show the full animation for the building/fault for users of non-ATI cards and/or if you disable Direct Draw (see near the top of the script for details)
- Other Misc. Changes

Additional Forum Release Notes:
Basically, I didn't have time to redo all the playfield lights to drop wall style fading lights right now as that's a bit time consuming, but as with the RoadShow update, all other major changes are in place. This one does include some brand new ultra bright fading flasher effects, though.

The moving building and fault reel animations have 18 frames to show all possible positions of the building, fault and lights on the building. ATI cards glitch at anything past 16 frames, so as with V1.0, the regular release is set to not show the fault open in the moving positions (it normally only ever happens after repeated multiballs, so most won't notice it regardless; it just looks like the fault closes and then opens again when the building reaches the end positions).

But if you adjust the reel settings as described near the top of the script and set a variable marked there to true, it will show the full 18 frame version instead. Non ATI cards should be ok (save those newest NVidia drivers) and all cards will show it OK if you disable direct draw first.

Note: I have a version posted here that is already pre-set to the full animation. It is marked as the FullAnim verison. But either one can be converted to the other version following the instructions near the top of the script.


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