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eBay raising seller fees


PN co-founder
I'm reposting this from the Pre-war Pinball group I'm part of. A boycott might not be a bad idea.

I got the following email from a guy who routinely sells high end cigar items and trade stimulators on eBay. I am assuming he knows what he is talking about. It was news to me. My guess is that it is news to most of you. If this is true, I think the boycott is a good idea. It is interesting to note that I/we did not get this news from eBay. Why does that not surprise me? It would sure be nice if someone would come along and give eBay some competition. Maybe then they would police their auctions, enforce their rules, etc.. Ric

Hello Fellow Ebay Buyers and Sellers,
As I guess you know Ebay is raising the final value fees they charge effective 2/18/05. This is not a minor increase. In some cases it is 100%. If I were buying items for $5 and selling them for $75 it would not be too bad. However, I try to buy quality items that are usually expensive and there is not room for a high percentage of profit.
With the planned increase The final value fee for a $2000 item will increase from $43.12 to $80.75 or a 87% increase. Since I don't make a lot on a $2000 item, $80.75 plus listing fees is a tremendous hit. Unfortunately I think will Ebay will continue to increase fees and may add buyer fees if they receive no resistance to their increases.
I suggest we boycott Ebay for the week after Feb 18 by not listing anything or bidding on any item. If you agree with this plan please forward this email(or your own) to everyone you deal with on Ebay. I feel Ebay should make a reasonable profit but in this case they are taking advantage of their monopolistic power.