Eight Ball Deluxe (Bally, 1981) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Eight Ball Deluxe - JP v5.02 JP 2020-01-28

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Aug 2, 2005
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Not much to say about this table, I think it is a well known table for most of you.

Press F6 to turn on some dipswitches, like the match, etc.
Press "R" to get the rules.

I have included 3 backdrops in the vpt file and one clean in the zip, in case you want to make your own backdrop. The table is angle independant, but remember that the cabinet is in the backdrop, so if you change views you'll nee to make a new backdrop.

This table is a mix of my "SE" look and my older tables, and it shows how I'm going to make my next tables.



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Excellent release jpsalas, very slick, fast and fun to play, looks incredible too. :) Interesting flipper setting, I gather you liked them, absolutely nothing to change. ;) I even tried it at an 8 slope but this machine gets real nasty on that slope, the 7.5 slope works best.

Thanks for your great efforts in producing these tables, which seem to me to be only getting better! Speaking of better, hope you're over your allergy problems.

Does this work with beta 6? Can you post that here?
Yes, SteveOZ, I guess you like the flipper settings :) I told myself why not to try those settings you post at vpf? They work really well and I don't get as much balls through flipper as with PD's settings.

And to Shockman: also yes, I have tried the table in the beta 6 and it works well, both with vp physiscs and UC settings. There are too many changes in the strength of the kickers, slingshots and elasticity of the walls in general under UC physics to be 100% as good as with VP settings. I mean the table is made for VP settings, but it is playable under UC settings, but later when UC physics are finished I hope they will becaome the standard in VP and many parameters will need to change (like stregnth of kickers, elasticity of walls, and maybe the speed and strength of the flippers and plunger).

As you may see in the downloads sections, I have updated the table to version 1.01. New in this table:

- Added the table info and the rules.
- made the left slingshot and the slingshots plastics smaller
- increased the size of switch 35
- changed a little the apron and plunger graphics

Not very much new, but enough changes to earn an update. I still can't beleive that I forgot to check the table info, it was completely empty in the version 1.0.

I can understand the missing table info, done it myself. I takes ages to finish a table but then when I near completion I just have to get it out there.
On another point it is rather interesting to note that you've had less BTF with a slower upswing then downswing, interesting...
I can't find a thread on your DE time machine. Does anyone have a working ROM for this game?

Nice job on EBD!
@StevOz: yes I have less btf with a slower upswing than the downswing. I use to get many btf with PD's settings when I tried to catch the ball, the flipper moved up very quickly, so quickly that it went through the ball (this happened when the ball was nearly at the top swing position of the flipper, when I hit the flipper button it moved upwards going through the ball, and this happened to me many times). A lower upswing catches the ball. It is strange, but just now your settings work very well. I guess when UC settings are finished this will be a thing of the past, but for now your settings work very well.

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