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Ripley's Believe It or Not! (Stern, 2004) VP8

VP8 Stern SS Recreation Elvis and Ripley's german edition v5.0g JP 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard

Gordon has made a german version of these two tables based on my latest tables.

Elvis is now fully playable using the full sound of the table with Elvis moving and singing! Just remember when you start the table to turn off the ROM sound by pressing the 9 until the rom sound is off. This way the table will run with the sampled sounds, much faster.

I have also fixed the right ramp so it leads the ball to the right lower ramp, like in the real table.


ps: I managed to do not upload the screenshot of Gordon's Elvis table when I uploaded the table, so here it is. He has changed the angle, since the table is angle independent you can change it to which angle you want.


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