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End of line.


Pinball Nudger
This may be my last post at flipperless for a long, long time.

and in this post, my final lion wrenchien icon.

there's just not enough people coming by since tilt left.

if you're looking for me, find me at vpf, vpff, and elsewhere.

btw, high seize is out for tilt's disk.. find it and get it if you come by here , rockinghorse.

what you will see next weekend, maybe monday when december begins..... if you go to vpf or vpff, is lion wrenchien's final pinball game, namely the sir lion show(perhaps fitting) this weekend.. but not the last one for either of the gorilla wrenchiens (the positive and anti-karma ones).

sadly, that one will have flippers.

and i doubt i'll ever do another table without them cause without tilt here i can't see the point as his spirit brought me here.

Let's just say lately, i prefer to roar. and not snore.

and in my final statement for now, maybe ever here,

do us all a favor.

avoid yellow go-carts like the plague.

.... end of line.


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I can't believe you stayed as long as you did \:D/

I almost threw you out twice :mrgreen:


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From VPF, Regarding wrenchien's High Seize:
Originally posted by wrenchien
.. but anyway, back on track..

i dunno if it'll be accepted by shivasite. but i will try momentarily to put it up at the magic of flipperless.

might be a while to upload.

..avast me modem is the slow!

Arrrrrrrr Matey,
Shiver Me Timbers! I never noticed it uploaded to The Magic of Flipperless but have added it to the site.

Gotta find me some Grog and a lass to give this table a runthrough.

Thanks Ya Swashbucklin' Landlubber!
Ye walkin the plank?