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Erwin's interview


PN co-founder
1 When did you play your first game of pinball, and what game was it, if you remember? Your first game of VP/VPM?

I remember being in a sort of arcade when being about eight years old. I was very happy when I found a table that still had credits left. I don’t know which tables that was. The first real table I remember playing was Future Spa. I must have been thirteen by then.

2 When did you discover VP? Do you prefer VP or VPM tables? Are there any types of tables you don’t care for, and which era do you enjoy best, such as 20s-40s commercial coin-op, bagatelle, Ems, SS, modern VPM.

I was hoping to find some modern version the classic “Pinball Construction Set” for a while when I found VP at the Underdogs. That was May or June 2001. Whether a table is VP or VPM doesn’t matter to me, as long as it’s recreated well. As for a favourite era, I think I like the late 80’s / early 90’s tables best. They have the more complex rules of newer tables, but still have the more interesting table layouts of the early SS tables.

3 If you are an author, do you work along, or with partners? Which of your tables is your favorite, and why? Which of your tables do you feel is your best?

Nowadays I work alone. I have made some tables together with others in the past. I don’t really have one favourite, but I had the most fun making “Plan 9 from Outer Space” together with Clean Richards, even though we both were not 100% happy with the end result. For us both it was the first original, and we wrote numerous e-mails about how a pinball table should be set up. The things I learned on that table were a basis for the other originals I made. As for the best; I think I like my DuneII table best.

4 Do you agree or disagree that Originals are the future of VP? What is your favorite VPF forum, and why?

No, not really. Although I would like to see some of the current VPM authors try making an original. It will still be a few years before all tables have been recreated properly.

5 What are your best table making skills? What if anything is the hardest part of table making for you?

My best skill is probably that I’m allround. The toughest part of making an (original) is the tweaking of the table layout and rules. It’s not really hard, but it can take up a lot of time.

6 Do you have any hints or tips for making tables that would be helpful to other authors? What do you feel is most important in table making, graphics, layout, playability, added sounds, or something else?

For starting up originals. One thing I always do is think of what kind of table I want before starting on the layout. How many flippers, ramps, and so on. It’s handy if you already have some basic rules for the table. Then I just place those elements on the table and start playing around with them until I get a layout I’m pretty happy with it.

7 What kind of computer set-up do you have? Are you a computer whiz or a computer nerd?

I have an AMD 2400+, 512 Mb RAM with a geforce4 graphic card. I’m not really a whiz, but I know a thing or two about computers.

8 Where do you live? How old are you? What kind of work do you do? Describe yourself. What are you hobbies and interests other than VP/VPM? Is there any other personal stuff you’re willing to share with me?

I live in the northern-east of the Netherlands, in a village called Hoogezand. I’m 28, and work as an engineer at a shipyard. Beside VP, I like playing chess, reading, listening to music. Since my 13th I have juvenile rheumatism, so I can’t do any real sports. I also paint using mostly acrylic paint, though I sometimes use gouache for some smaller things.

9 What are some of your favorite VP/VPM tables done by someone other than you? Why?

If I just stick to originals, I’d say: Darius for the fantastic layout, Fight Night for the rules and having the most fun mini game, and the oldie Monthy Python and the Holy Grail for being the funniest table.

10 Do you, and how often do you play real pins? What are some of your favorites? Any that you’re really good on that you simply don’t enjoy playing?

I don’t play real pins a lot. In fact before VP came into my live I hadn’t played a real pin for more than 10 years.

11 Any advice for a new VPF member? Better yet, any advice for old, seasoned VPF members? Do you think there are too many VP forums? Do you visit any other than VPF?

No opinion here…

12 Who, if anyone, do you consider to be the movers and shakers in the VP community, or the superstars, and why? Is there one Author whose work you always download, even without seeing the SS or knowing anything other than the name of the table?

Of course the there are some people who contributed more than others, but I think that everyone who enjoys making VP/VPM tables and is willing to share their creations to the community should be credited. Together we can learn and make our tables better.

13 Is there anything else you’d like to add? It doesn’t have to be about VP. Maybe a secret dream, or a joke, this is your last chance?

Thanks for the interview.
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