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Bally Evel Knievel (Bally, 1977) flipper quit working?


Pinball Nudger
I have a ballys evel keneval pinball machine that I just had cleaned and fixed everything. After about three games the RH flipper quit working. Anyone know what might cause this. I am going to get ahold of the guy that fixed it but it just takes him forever to work on it. Any help would be appreciated.


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This can have many causes. Did you check the connectors? Sometimes its just a loose connector or cable, if that is O.K. you might want to check the solenoid itself (meaning the coil) if its still functional.

If its broken, replace both flipper coils with a new one of same type. Both coils because otherwise the older one might be way weaker than the brandnew one, thereby 'throwing the game out of balance',...


Pinball Nudger

This is my first pinball machine and I dont know anything about them I looked at the wires and they looked ok. I guess I will have to wait forever to see if my guy will come fix it.

Thanks again
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