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Ever Play A Bingo Machine?

Many pinball fans are not knowledgeable about Bingo Machines, and few have played them. HERE'S YOUR CHANCE!

Visual Pinball is the FREE program that lets you play simulated versions of REAL pinball machines on your computer. It is not difficult to load and use Visual Pinball. True, it's not the same as playing the real machine, but where can you play hundreds of simulations for free, on machines that work fine and require no spare parts? The simulations vary in quality from so-so to drop-dead, right-on perfect. Check out Pinball Nirvana, IRPinball, Pinball Originals and VPForums for Visual Pinball.

In 1977 when I got Roger Sharpe's beautiful book Pinball!, I saw some photos of complex pinball machines which had no descriptions. It took a while and some traveling for me to find and play a Bingo, but YOU can be playing one a few minutes from now.

An author named Hung from Taiwan has written 2 programs for Visual Pinball that simulate Bingo pinball machines. Malibu Beach is an EM Bally game from 1980, actually a re-make of Bally's Laguna Beach (1960). Continental is a solid state machine derived from Bally's Continental (1980) and some later European solid state machines.

On both programs you can adjust the tilt bob from very sensitive all the way to no tilt at all, completely changing the character of the game. Both games have no flippers (like pre-1947 pinball). The player inserts coins, and is paid off on the credit meter. Both sport the features and complexities of the prototypes.

The author's native language is not English, so I have written very explicit
instructions for each machine in its' TABLE Menu/Table Info section of the Visual Pinball editor.

Get the Bingo Machine programs in the Downloads Bingo section HERE!

If you're a pinball fan and are not using Visual Pinball, you're not playing
with a full set of balls. Don't be afraid to try it. And the Bingo simulations
are unique, historic, and a lot of fun.

After you use Visual Pinball, there are over 400 MORE simulations of solid state pinball machines with VisualPinMAME.
But that's for another day.


Updated Jun 30, 2004 Written by DocFlipr


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