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20+ YEARS as a VP author. How time flies...
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Well, I just recieved a "snail mail" letter from tiltjlp or John (as we all know him) and due to circumstances beyond his control (not health related) he cannot return to ANY of the forums. His landlord has changed something and John has lost his internet connection for good.

I hate to say this, but it's true. I have the letter right in front of me. :(

If you wish to contact John or tiltjlp via mail through me PLEASE post below OR PM me (preferred) then I will send him your information.

This is a VERY SAD DAY in VP. :( There's not much else to say but I CAN keep in contact with him via mail. So, if you wish to have "speaks" with John please feel free to PM me or post below.

Thanks for your time folks and I sure hope to heck John can return as soon as possible. We'll have to wait and see. :(

Will / druadic


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Thank's very much for your post druadic!

I'm feeling quite relieved right now,....I knew there was something wrong by Monday and am thrilled it was not anything more serious..

tell John that he will be desperately missed everywhere and I hope he returns sometime...



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This is indeed sad news for VP. We all hope that John can solve this situation in the near future. Until then he will be missed by all.

I also am relieved it was not a health situation.



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is he able to get a new apartment, or use the city library internet for internet connections and net cafes for uploads?

cause across the border in mexico, there are lots of net cafes... even the poorest person, for a couple of dollars in u.s. money or 20 pesos, can for a brief while, touch the world beyond any way he seeks... and i'm sure any libraries have internet access so he can keep in touch that way....

ask him if he's planning on getting a new apartment in another complex,
in protest of his landlord's shutting him off from internet.... it's what i'd do if i had an apartment and had to go through what his landlord is putting him through.

remember, dictators may not die, but they sure can fall when regime changes are enacted.


20+ YEARS as a VP author. How time flies...
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You'll have to excuse my bluntess guys, but I have been emailing and posting to numerous folks all across the internet about what happened, BUT read the post about John at VPF (not VPFF) and perhaps we can help him get his own phone line installed. Let me know what you think.

I appreciate the posts guys and hope John will get a chance to read them once I copy them all. I'll do that on Sunday since I'm DOG tired.

I am trying feverishly to do my WIP and juggle what has happened to John all in one felled swoop so be patient with me fellas ;)

I am sending him a quick letter on 7/11/03 so he knows we all know what has happened and we're still here for him.

Otherwise, there isn't much else to do but try to figure a way to help the poor bugger. READ the post at VPF and letme know what you think. If others can help, that's even better.

Will / druadic


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Hi All,

I have been out of the loop for a couple of days and this is what happens.

Anthias told me about the situation this afternoon and I am overwhelmed by the fact that this may be caused out of malice.....How can I help?....

I know that in our area you have a number of choices for internet.....The most common (apart from in your home are)

Pre-paid - these services can be accessed from any computer/phoneline with a modem...

Library - depending on where you are the cost is usually about $3.00 an hour

Cafe's - these vary but most are reasonable

Machines - In Australia we have machines which are usually in shopping malls for about $2 for twenty minutes....

Mobile Phone - you can get data cables for a mobile phone...My mobile only costs me 30 cents for an untimed local call (including internet) from home and is Pre-Paid from "Orange". I'm not sure if this type of service is available in the USA but it is on the CDMA network and very cheap and most importantly portable with no need for a phone to even be installed


Thanks Druadic for the info and PLEASE let John know that we are all there for him....

SUGGESTION FOR ANY DONATIONS....._I am willing to be the collection point in Australia for any donations to the "Save the Tiltjlp for the welfare of the VP community fund" and I'm sure others would be willing to be the collection point for their country....They would only need to collect the funds via their own bank and draw a "Bank Draft" in US Dollars for the total (less cost of the draft) and post it.....The draft's could be collected by someone in the US....Maybe Druadic....and handed to John for his use......What do you think????



20+ YEARS as a VP author. How time flies...
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AN UPDATE about John

(you can read MUCH more about John at VPF)

Okay folks, I just got off the phone with John and here's the entire gib of the situation:

1. John's landlord HAD TO change the phone service. He's not doing this to ruin John or to tick off anyone. This was some kind of LEGAL action of some kind against the landlord or something. WIERD yes, but it's all John would tell me and it's all he could tell me. I respect these wishes.

2. As far as returning, John is thrilled he is able to read and his wieght has dropped considerably. His health has also gotten 50% better since he has stayed away from the computer. His doctor has confirmed this. Seems John is feeling better than ever - even his circulation in his legs and etc. has done A LOT better. John has hinted that he is really doing much better by not returning. Now, don't let this bother you folks. I have asked him to think it over before he makes any "rash" decisions. He said he would think it over.

3. There are things that makes John NOT want to come back. I am not going to discuss this as most folks KNOW what they are. Think long and hard about it. I've been posting about this as of recent and have had no feedback about it except for at TMOF. To those folks, thank you for the posts and I hope we can talk more about it. There's also MORE problems that makes John not want to come back. I can't discuss these either as it wouldn't be right to say anything about it. I, as his friend COMPLETELY AGREE with John and what he has said to me.

4. Now, John has wiped out his system. Seems his ISP and program have been removed BUT this is not effecting his decision to return. We'll have to wait and see what he will choose. If he decides to return, we MAY be able to help him perhaps. He has kept all th flipperless tables from VP for his own enjoyment. He loves them very much, so he's not bored.

5. John has brought up so many VALID points as to why he shouldn't return. I agree with him on everything we talked about and much of it is pretty disturbing to say the least. I could go on and on about all the BS the VP community in a whole has gone through and is still going through but I won't. If folks think about it they can figure it all out. None of these points John has given me are quite positive but he says folks can change that. I'll wait and see if that happens. Of course John is waiting for me to see that happen.

Well, that about does it. John is catching up on his reading, his health is doing very good and he seems in high spirits about what happened for the fact of the matter is that John DID spend TOO MUCH time online. He had too many responsabilities all at once - he really did. We'll have to wait and see what his response is when he gets my letter and writes back to me.

He does have the right to his own phone line, which his landlord is providing in a single room of the house. Of course John's machine cannot be connected to this line. So, if he decides to return maybe we can do something to ease the "burden" of what he is going through.

Will / druadic