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Fast Tracking my BAM/FP comprehension


Inserted Coin
I am simply trying to pick the 3 surrounding playfields (pf1,pf2 and pf3) so I can replace the entire content of the table all at once with a key event.

...and I am trying to figure that miniplayfield out again for the hundredth time.... @Gimli, you wrote that it is a simple concept of pasting the function
create a container object and launch the table....well it is just giving me error, so am I plain stupid or simply illiterate?


  • multitable.fpt
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Flippered Out
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I haven't figured the miniplayfield either. I wasn't even able to figure out how to capture an object with it. Maybe one of these days I will.


Pinball Master
Myself... I haven't used any of the autocapturing methods for mini playfield. I just launch the table, and use the mini playfield menu to manually size the capture area (i have it set to show Origin instead of Target to make it less confusing).

Then while on the menu CTRL+C to copy the "create" code (be sure you are on the part of the menu to copy that specific info), then exit the table and paste that into the script.

Then I run the table again with the new code, and now change the mp menu to display the Target instead of origin.... and I simply adjust the target position / rotation. Then CTRL+C on that part of the menu.... exit the table and paste into the script.

You could probably do this with FP in windowed mode.... but it gets tricky with the keys being used on both the FP game window and the editor at the same time.

You guys would have a heart attack when looking at my new Star Wars DSA "Epic Space Battles" mod.... 24 mini playfields so far. :)
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