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Fight Back Against eBay CD sales

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PN co-founder
As most of you know, there are many eBay scam auctions selling CDs with VP and VPM tables, as well as the programs. I figure it'll be just a matter of time before Future Pinball and our tables are also for sale on eBay. I and many others have complained to eBay, but more and more CDs are being sold on eBay. Here is a letter I'm sending to my local newspapers, and I urge everyone to do the same. The more of us who do send this letter, the better chance that some of them will be printed. Send this as is, if you add a direct reference to eBay it will not be printed.

Dear Editor.

I would like to warn your readers about a possible growing problem area in society, online auctions. While almost anything one can imagine is now being sold through online auctions, caution is extremely important, because it is very much a case of Buyer beware. One area where this may be more true than other is the selling of CDs filled with games and entertainment.

One case in point is computer pinball, namely virtual pinball tables made with the free programs Visual Pinball and Future Pinball, In addition to these programs being free of change, the pinball games or tables made with thses programs are also free for downloading on a number of official sites, namely Pinball Nirvana, Visual Pinball Forum, VP Originals, and Future Pinball. Anyone interested in playing pinball games on their computer should do searches on those names.

Not only will you be able to download for free close to 3000 playable pinball games at no cost, you will also have access to help and discussion forums, and will not have to worry about old, outdated programs and game/table files, nor possible viruses. Safeguard your computer and save your money by being aware of fradulent or questionable online auctions

Sincerely Yours,
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