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First Visit


Pinball Nudger
This is my first lengthy visit to this forum and I like what I see. I have no plans to leave VPFF but I will be seen around here regularly, too. Both are light years ahead of ***.com.

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Rodgz, you couldn't pry me out of VPFF, I love that place!

This is just another place to hang out, have a few laughs and discuss VP. I'd like to think of it as a backup to all three of the other forums. And who knows, maybe we can bring everyone a little closer together, or maybe we'll drive everyone further apart. The only thing I know for sure is. . . . I'll have a few laughs.


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Hi scapino and welcome!

Yeah that avatar is pretty cool but I didn't make it, your Tables are much prettier! :jester:



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Same problem here

Go into your profile and choose Sub Silver, if I remember correctly. It won't be a hard choice, there are only two backgrounds, and I agree, the default one is extremely hard to read. The other one, Sub Silver? is so much easier on the eyes.



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Welcome PcwaG, Glad you can see again!

I made chronicles the default theme but subSilver is easier on the eyes.

Posted: 26 Jun 2003 11:20 am Post subject:
Yeah, but my tables dont make you horny, do they?

(Well maybe Strikes and Spares....... )


I've always been fascinated with Pinball artwork and it lead to my first realization that sex sells. Strikes and Spares is cool, I would think that a Table called Swinger would be far racier! :laughing1: