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[FIXED] BAM config menu up/down arrow keys working?


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[OK - FIXED -- it was one of my AutoHotKey scripts. It slows down some arrow key keystrokes in apps like CMD and I guess in FP as well!]

I'm re-installing/updating BAM (previous version was at least a year old). I created a new table (just to verify BAM is installed correctly) and started that table. After opening up the BAM configuration menu (Q key or the "`" key) the arrow keys (up and down) only work like 1 out of 15 tries. I've tried both a blue tooth keyboard and USB hardwired keyboard. No issues outside the menu and other keys work fine in the menu (e.g. enter key).

Is this just a me problem?

I'm using BAM 1.5-337. I'm on Windows 10 21H1 (build 19043.1110). On a Surface Pro 6 i7 with 16gb ram

thanks :D
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