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VP8 Flipperless Recreation Flintstones toy pin released


PN co-founder
Thanks to what Patrick has been able to pound into my thick skull, I'm able to finally make some tables without pestering him for help. This time is my 1st hand-held plastic toy recreation, based on the Flintstones. And since the pins, or diverters, on toy pins are clear, I have used miniature invisible walls, instead of tiny bumpers. I've adapted Bob's lessons on working with miniature walls to make it possible.

Not fancy by any means, plastic toy pins have offered both kids and adults a lot of fun over the years, so this will probably be the 1st of many of these toys I'll recreate. You'll need to nudge just right to hit the 9 scoring holes, the center one worth 500 points.




  • Flintstones, The (xxxx)(195x-6x).zip
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PN co-founder
I just noticed a very minor script error in this game. I've uploaded a fixed version, but anyone who has already downloaded the table can make the fix easily. On line 108, simply change k2 to k1. Sorry for the goof.

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