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Forums Upgrade


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The forums (VBulletin) are going to be upgraded within the next week and this will affect the entire site, if everything goes smoothly (kinda..., sorta..., doubtful..;)) you won't notice the changes until it's complete. This is a major upgrade, there are many updates that are available to the existing VBulletin modules that also need to be updated so things like the Arcade, Casino, Radio and TV Videos might misbehave for awhile.

We are moving to PHP5 and I already suspect that the existing PinSim webring is going to be a problem, the last update (installed) was in 2005, if it doesn't work anymore it will be replaced. Feel free to report problems or bugs after the upgrade is complete (details will be posted, in this thread), every link at Pinball Nirvana will need to be checked out.
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Thank you Jon really doesn't say enough, I'd really like to buy you a beer and treat you to a day out, you are a pinball legend. :joy:


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The dang upgrade is on hold because I've experienced my first massive hard drive failure, i have a 320GB drive that is misbehaving, it's not working properly and i think it might need to be smacked...:computer:

I got a new HD today and am trying to restore files but this is going to take days, the smackfactor is rising every hour for the old HD, the next force will be 5 out of 10...


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The old external hard drive started to work today, (I used a smackfactor of 7 and was able to run a scandisc...:)) although it seems like it might be slower than it used to be, I'm thrilled that the drive can now be backed up. Because of these problems (new 500GB drive) I now have more than doubled my old local disc storage to 960GB's.

Files are being prepared for the upgrade, i hope to start it on Thursday or Friday, Thanks for the post StevOz have a virtual beer on me.

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