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Four tables added to our Downloads


PN co-founder
With JPH offline for a short while, I am trying to keep our site current, and at least half secceeding. I have added four new tables, and of course their SS.

Well, the tables are available for DL, but the SS simply don't show themselves. I know I put them where they belong, so I guess they're in hiding.

Anyway, the four added tables are:

Two by Bob, his musical hit SyncnoBob, which does have flippers, but with the playable keyboard, it qualifies as a Novelty game. And Bob offers his recreation of the Northwestern bagatelle Double Push M Up version 1.0, using Bendigo's table template.

Also, Furio's excellent Crossroads from Gottlieb, 1952, is a nice and challenging table, with a surprisingly open layout.

And Contest, a Leon Spalding masterpiece, brings us up to 202 downloads available at Flipperless. Now once again, Contest does have flippers, four in fact. But like many Gottlieb's from this era, their placement makes this table special.

The two extra flippers are of to the side, a third of the way from the top. I think any EM fan will enjoy this golden oldie, even if the gobble holes give you fits.

Trust me, even without the SS, you can't go wrong adding any of these tables to you collection, if you haven't already. Hurry back Jon, I'm in over my head.