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Stern Freefall (Stern, 1981) I need some help please


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Well this is my 1st post on here I am a newbie to the site and to pinball machines I have been given a pinball machine by my Uncle it is Freefall Made by Stern electronics in 1981 which means it is one year younger than me anyway he told me the left flipper flips sometimes and the ball return doesn't work I have been searching the net for the last 3 days for tips on how to fix this thing, manuals for it and where I can get parts and about the only thing I have come up with is Stern electronics went out of business in 1985 and in 1981 they made 1300 of this machine if there is any help anyone could give me that would be great I do work with electricity on a daily basis so I feel with a little guidance I can get this thing working
One more thing I am wondering is this thing worth anything


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3 Days searching should have got you something. Is it worth something? Yes. How much? No idea.

Stern is not out of business. Check them for an idea on where to find the solenoid you need for the flipper. Take it apart to find what is wrong with the ball return. It might be nothing but something blocking.

Search another day and include the words "forums, pinball, freefall, parts, shop, repair, stern, etc." and drop words till you get a hit. Try "Portland pinball forums" and ask there. Try www.vpforums.com and ask there, there are some pinball repair man/men there.

Good luck with it.


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I emailed Sternpinball.com and they were no help at all they told me that they did not make the machine Stern electronics did so there was nothing they could do to help I pick up the machine tomorow I am going to try and tear into it over the weekend so I'm sure I will have many ?s in next week or two thanks for the quick response


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Welcome TH3180 and congrats on your pinball purchase!

I just wanted to mention that the very first place I'd start with any pinball machine problem is the Usenet newsgroup of rec.games.pinball.

I use a newsreader (Agent) but you can find the group here:

Take a look at the posts, the group is very active and I'm certain your problems will be answered there if you ask them. There are a bunch of very helpful folks active!

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