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So yesterday I went on to a much powerful PC - i5-10600k oc'ed to 4.9GHz, 3200Mhz memory cas16 and a beast of rtx3080.

I've already wrote much but now I have other tests to confirm that it does make a difference even in hardware powerful enough to masks problems unless you're looking for them and even then depends on the title your playing, especially on the popular 1080p60Hz format.

Use it, abuse it:

bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock
bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes

I've also found the 3080 does not use IRQ but MSI for interrupt signalling which makes sense. But for some reason even a card like my 1080 uses IRQ! It supports MSI so you have to force it. IRQ is not a problem if the GPU is the only one to use it. Anyway, mine is force to MSI and priority high, it didn't hurt but "feels" safer in case a new piece of hardware decides to use the same IRQ...

If you're so inclined to try (at your own risk) mess with this, look for irq vs msi nvidia and msi_util v2 or v3.
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