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Future Pinball Information


PN co-founder
Black posted some interesting details about FP, and it might be bad news for those of us on dial-up connections. The initial download, as it stands now, will be approximately 40 MB, which will include a library of objects for making FP tables. FP tables might not be as bloated in size as some of us have speculated, since FP will have built in compression for most if not all the graphics, such as jpg files.

The 40 MB file size won't keep me from trying to download FP, but I have had problems in the past with huge file sizes, and on dial-up 40MB is huge. I posted a suggestion that the library be split into smaller size files, but unless there would be a lot of requests for that, I don't know it it would happen, and of course don't know if it could happen. I didn't post this to start another "FP bash or praise" go round, but simply to provide the latest information.


Pop Bumper Pete

Pinball Pirate
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40 MB is still a huge file on download
I think the biggest I have done is 25

It would be quicker for me to go and visit a Future Pinball partner and pick up the disc :s


PN co-founder
ValamirCleaver said:

Look into using a download manager. I use Fresh Download. It works well for me.


I already use a download manager. There's one built into Opera, but still, 40 MB on dial-up can be a rough chore. But I'll give it a try. I like TMFP's idea, if they have any in the beginning.

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