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Future Pinball needs your help. (i.e. we have a Wikipedia problem)

Isaac Sauvage

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@Ike Savage
You are probably aware, but by using VPinMAME and a current ROM that is supported, there is a way to extract/capture the DMD Animations (Frame-by-Frame) through 'emulating' the respective "Switches" required - that result in the DMD animation being displayed etc. ** This can happen automatically when playing a VP/VPX table, as the switches are monitored/called through the script when setup to do so (@TerryRed perhaps this is similar to using DMDext for triggering PUP videos etc.?) ** This then creates / captures the information in an accompanying "dump.txt" file.

There is also a similar method for playing back and exporting; capturing, the Music/SFX in an accompanying *.mp3 file - although this is better done manually through a laborious process of locating, playing and recording the required elements (IMHO); although being honest - capturing "Any" Music / Sounds that you can play and/or hear on your PC is doable using Audacity and enabling the inbuilt 'Stereo Mixer' on your windows OS.

Then, using the "dump.txt" file it is possible to create Future Pinball DMD Animation *.dmdf files through the use of DMDPaint; although yet again - this can be quite time consuming, as there may be the requirement to amend/update each frame of an animation to remove the 'overlaid' text (i.e. score / timings etc.) to enable the games specific players score etc. to be used when playing in Future Pinball as an example (this is just my experience, and others may know of better/more efficient ways..?).
Wow, in fact I was barely aware of any of that. :o

It's been a long time since I was a dev, never really developed for the MAME side, and never properly transitioned to VP9 and VPX. Barely touched FP. (health issues have drastically curtailed my hobby-interactions, don't you know)

So for a long time, pinball was a very modest part of my hobby life, and I would mainly just drop by here from time to time to hang out with old friends. That all changed a lot for me when I joined the staff a year+ ago. Indeed, I hadn't been on a pinball-related staff since I was admin-ing at the original VPF... I guess it was 16 years ago(!)

Anyway, thanks, Gin!
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