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Games don't work


Pinball Wizard
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RE: Re: Games don

Even if you were a worthy foe I would not tell you so Hardie har har...!!! It be the plank for ye! Any man who quits gets the rope's end. Argh, many men have tried, many men have failed. Consider ye terms of surrender!

¿el ye sabe la diferencia entre el puerto y el estribor?

Get the extra ball, ye can't have too much silver.

Isaac Sauvage

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RE: Re: Games don

i can't get any of destruk's tables to work!

they all give me a message asking to tell them a bedtime story and tuck them in before letting me play a game.



Pinball Wizard
RE: Re: Games don

I (already 4 1/2 years old) finally have my first PC now. I've never ever seen nor heard of nor used any PC before. What's a PC at all (?). However, I'm so much pinball enthusiast and the first thing I like to do at PC, before I learn to speak and to behave and, sure, how to connect it to power supply and switch it on, is to play pinball tables from the late 90ies.

Why doesn't fucking PC automatically unpack, connect, start, load and install and play pinball even if it's still in package?

Fuck you, you fucking idiots!
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