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I have released Genco's first ever game, Buster Ball. During an all-too short period of time, Genco made some very sharp games, as well as some that weren't that popular. But their first game was interesting, to say the least. Buster Ball was made in painted cast aluminium. Buster Ball measured 19" long, 12" wide, and 8" high. No infornation is available as for how much it weighed.

Very much a counter top gmae, a game cost a peeny for five balls, and probaly made for some lively side betting, and just maybe a free berr for the highest possible score. This could well have been one of the bounciest games from the 1930s. I'm tempted to make this a 10-ball game, but didn't want to ruin the game's history. And coming soon will be Genco's 2nd ever game, which is not at all like Buster Ball.

You can get Buster ball here, where it's the 5th game offered:




  • Buster Ball (Genco)(1931).zip
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