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    Also, here's our browser games collection, for those who are playful.
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General Pinball Quiz


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I got a 7 and I have read a lot about older tables... I still guessed on about 6 questions, but I never wanted to be a pinball encyclopedia anyway. I find it amazing that some people know almost everything about a subject, I'm far too lazy to ever become an expert.


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I care, yogi.


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About the quiz: I really think I don't know any answer and if I would have any right one it was by accident. :oops:

About 3D Arcade: These arcades are just too nice to look at and it would be a shame to miss any of them. It's some confusing in the first and I still need to find out details on my own. I just hope to offer some help in setup with the workshop and I hope to get some help from others in the next steps. Probably I will manage to add cabinet side art, but I just feel helpless when it comes to add deniros Damned Dungeon. Let's see how it will proceed.
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