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Getting Started


Pinball Nudger
Sorry about this question, it is basic I know, but I can't even get to the start line at the mo. I can play TopSpeed and Tutorial, but as far as I can see these are VP games only, I am struggling using roms.

I have installed VP and VPM (not as described here, I followed some other instructions and installed VPM under VP).

I got the VPS files (originally I had v2.33, but have upgraded to v3.19 today).

I downloaded the Twilight Zone rom, tz_94h.zip, and put this in my VPM roms directory. When I ran VP again, it only allows .vpt files, so I assumed there must be a vpt file associated with it, so I went searching for that. Found Twilight Zone 7-2.vpt, and then ran VP again. This failed because it said there was a missing rom. Looking at the rom, it seems tzone_92.rom is missing. This looks like a version problem to me, but is frustrating the hell out of me as I have been to a million sites looking for the files, and info.

Question. Am I going about this in the right way? Am I missing something fundamental (apart from a brain :x )?


Pinball Nudger
Thanks, I see that now :D . There are so many options I got overwhelmed. It never occurred to me that ther might be such an option, or that one table might service many roms.
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