Gigi (Gottlieb, 1963) VP8 by Victor & Fernando

VP8 Gottlieb EM Recreation Gigi (Gottlieb, 1963) VP8 by Victor & Fernando v180209

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Jun 8, 2003
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Gigi 1963 Gottlieb
By Victor (Script) & Fernando (Graphics)

Available at IRPinball and here at Pinball Nirvana, It looked wonderful but I couldn't figure out how to launch a ball, it's usually "A" or "L" but the Table info mentions (For each new ball push "Intro"). Received info from the author,
for each new ball (Intro) – I mean The “Intro†key on Num Keypad, the most right-down key on keyboard)
. This is the button named "Enter" on my Num Keypad, hope that helps folks.
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Sigh, why do table authors do things like this? :roll:

This plus the fact that the table is locked so I can't change the key mapping makes the table unplayable on my mame cabinet...:cuss:
Gigi has been updated, give it a try, it's wonderful!
Updated Link in initial post, added a screenshot.

An important note:
To launch a ball in Gigi you must not push the key "A" but "Enter" or "Intro" (The most right-down key on keyboard; In the numkeypad block).
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