Golden Arrow: horizontal spinner?


Inserted Coin

pretty cool variant, I reckon
... need to lift everything up, to have the under glass playfield display
not too worried if it don't get past mock up in VP
not sure if that dial could be made to spin freely, after the ball hits it
& then 90 odd numbers to stop on


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did you give this demo table a try yet?
it also uses a spindisc to simulate a spinner
that would stop on a given lamp,number
if written into the coding for the pin


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Ike Savage

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That's pretty dang nifty, and far as I can tell, has never been re-created in VP or FP.

I love the look of the WIP you started. If you see this message, maybe you can swing by and tell us if there was ever further work done on Golden Arrow.

I'd recommend this to @druadic of course, but he already has dozens of tables he's already working on. :s


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"The old things always defeat the new"
Actually, I worked on this years ago. I was redrawing it when I just didn't want to deal with it.

I would LOVE to see what the top poster here comes up with. I could see prizes in the play field and if hit with proper number, they could disappear and new ones could pop up. That would be something.

If this was done in VPX with primitives this could work flawlessly.

I have a TON of stuff I'm working on but if the poster at the top wants to do a "collaboration" project and work with each other, I could take the time and we could crank out a pretty cool machine / game.

Ike Savage

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Patch last visited five years ago, so there's a chance he's still around.

I'll give him a few days to respond, then I could try an email.

I don't think I've ever seen a game like this from back in the day, so hopefully the project works out!
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