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Sega Goldeneye (Sega, 1996) magnet problem, Aaarrggggg


Inserted Coin
This is driving me crazy...
Symptoms are, the flipper magnet catches the ball, but then cant seem to get the timing right to fling the ball back up the play field.
coil resistance is 4.5 ohms ok
fuse is 3A SB, fuse holder good, re-soldered connections. ok
new chip installed on mag board
re-flowed solder on main board, all look good
There was a "divot" in the play field where the magnet sits. I filled it in with plastic wood. The ball seems to roll away nicely.
Here's the only thing I can't explain:
The leds on the mag board are supposed to indicate when the coil senses a ball at the satellite or flipper location. The sat coil sense works perfectly, however, the flipper led flashes on twice when entering the test mode, and never again after that, yet it MUST be detecting the ball, as it captures it and tries to fling it up the play field.
It does this if you swap coils
It does this with no coil connected.
I opened the PCB trace at RB7 (which appears to be the sense i/p), and the led still flashes twice at test start, then no more.
Can anyone check during the flipper mag test, by looking thru the coin door, and see if the mag board led flashes twice at test start, or if it actually works as I think it should, and light when it senses a ball on the coil?
Thanks for all help.
I know this is a bit long winded, but if you have worked on this issue, you should understand.