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Goofy Pinball released


PN co-founder
Walt Disney's Goofy Pinabll is pretty much your standard run-of-the-mill toy pin, except for the name, and the image on the playfield, loveable, silly Goofy Other than being a higher scoring pin game than most pin toys, it's fairly ordinary.

Which is why I dedicate Goofy Pinball to the entire VP Community, past, present, and future, as the Official Community Pin Toy. I dedicate this to Bob, and Elton, Shockman and 12-year old Ryan, to each and every member who will smile at being called Goofy.

And I absolutely dedicate Goofy Pinball to those few who will probably get upset at being included in this list, you know who you are, and best of all, you know that we all know you're that way. Lighten up, life's too short, and it's only Pinball. Not many of us are loveable, although most are likeable, but the common thread that binds us as family is a lot more substantial than any argument thread at any or our sites.

So if you admit you're goofy, you can get our unofficia VPl community pin toy near the bottom of this page:


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