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Got my first pinball game for Christmas


Pinball Wizard
Oh yeah! Here it is! My first non-computer pinball machine! My older brother got it for me for Christmas.

Ok, so the rules are a little lacking, but on the bright side it needs no electricity and has no pesky lame things like flippers on it to distract you from your game! :evil:

It's a 10-ball game and your maximum score is 500 points. :twisted:

The two biggest design flaws are no way to keep a 2nd ball from trying to get into the plunger lane via gravity short of only putting one ball in the trough at a time and the ball has a tendency to bounce off the first pin and fly right back down into the plunger lane on a hard pull, so a one-way gate at the end of the plunger lane would have been a good idea. There's no table glass, so cheating could be a problem on location. :D

I know you're jealous John, so try not to drool. :twisted:


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PN co-founder
Nice one Dude, but I've have the same one for about six weeks or so now. Maybe we can have a five game play off one of these days Dude. I also have a smaller bagatelle from the 30s or so that I won on eBay, which is in perfect shape under the glass, but a but worn on the outside. So now are you going to become a bagatelle whiz?

If you're interested in reading about my 70 year old bagatelle, check out