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Grand Casino (J.P. Seeberg Corp, 1934) VPX

VPX EM Flipperless Recreation Grand Casino (J.P. Seeberg Corp, 1934) VPX v1.0

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Electro-Mechanical Machines


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druadic submitted a new resource:

Grand Casino, 1934 by J.P. Seeberg Corp. for VPX - A quite rare and tough machine.

10 months of hard work has paid off. This table was requested by "the site that shall not be named" but is allowed to be uploaded there, Pinball Nirvana and Rogue Pinball.

The premise is simple; rack up as much points as possible using the 3,000 hole. Place one or two balls into this hole then hit the "advance hole" to drop the finger gate to allow other balls to be added within the area. Once a ball drops from the 3,000 point area and into the 5,000 point area, those scores are counted...

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Stay tuned.....
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Thanks folks and I hope I can continue to do justice to some of these rare or forgotten machines. Sorry it took me so long as I ran into numerous problems with the 5,000 point hole and the tilt mechanism. Same goes for the balls that literally sink into the holes. To be honest, this table started to really dig under my skin as I wanted to add everything I did but it took FOREVER as far as I'm concerned or at least it felt that way.

That 5,000 point hole was MURDER - no matter how much I tried I could not get the balls to stop jamming as they lined up perfectly and when a new game was played they would block the hole when draining. Eventually I got angry as heck and added a flipper underneath the play field and it moves back and forth as it slaps the first two balls. They finally go down!

Anyway enjoy the game and hope you'll find this one a real challenge. I would place this table in the intermediate or expert play category as it can tax even the best pre war pin machine player.

Ian, LOVE your videos. I just love them. You really made me smile showing both the desktop as well as the full screen playability. I have got to hand it to you that you have found a unique way to make these old tables come alive again in your videos.

Thanks folks and get out there and start nudging!