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guessing the rules

Pop Bumper Pete

Pinball Pirate
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20 years ago I was given this machine
It was damaged and it had parts missing so it got thrown out
I kept the playfield and the back glass

With Randys return I feel it is now worth learning how to make table properly, and so I thought that I would try to reproduce this one
I am also trying my hand at 4 other pins, but don’t hold your breath

But there is the question about the rules of the game and the in game operation of the machine. If you have a look at the pic of the playfield, there are two light boxes at the back, I have no idea what the second line of lights represents. The top line has a star that if you make a home run when lit you get a free game , the bottom line tells you if you have scored a double or triple run.
Should I just do what seems logical (an educated guess)?


Pinball Player
Unfortunately I have never played this game, so cannot help with the rules. I usually look at the flyer to see if anything is mentioned there, but unfortunately about all that is mentioned that might help is:

1. There is a ramp that moves up & down.
2. I see a mention of a TIME EQUALIZING feature.
3. 3 deck HOMERS with a CARRY OVER feature.
4. Additional feature, EXTRA BONUS PITCH.

Of course it would have been a lot easier if you had been able to save a copy of the schematic.



PN co-founder
I haven't seen or heard of this one before now. Besides making your best guess, you might post to all the forums, as well as places like retrogames, and see if anyone knows the rules. But yes, many times it's a matter of using what little information is obtained from the flyer, as Bendigo mentioned, and waht seems logical.

John :oldman
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