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Guns N' Roses (Data East, 1994) VP8

VP8 Data East SS Recreation Guns N Roses (Jamin 1.0) v1.0 2020-01-28

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Solid State Machines


Pinball Nudger
Had an itch to play some Guns N Roses so I started one up from scratch and felt that I had done good enough to share it with the rest of the pinball freaks out there.


I didn't have a stripped playfield to work from so I had to construct one from numerous pics from the web. The center portion of the playfield is a bit lopsided (guns n roses lights area) but I gave up on trying to get the image to match up after plenty of perspective, distort, and rotate adjustments. It just wasn't worth the trouble of fixing at least until I obtain a stripped playfield pic.

I doubt that I can get that G ramp looking any better without going through the torture of trying to use a decal it but if you don't like the 2wire section of the end of the yellow part of the G ramp you can change its Type in the Editor to flat instead of 2wire (its already using the image that should go with that part). I made it as a 2wire so I could see when Gilby Rolls and Extra Ball were lit (mainly ExtraBall so I could lock that Guitar Feature whenever it was lit).

I was experimenting with some ways on how to do the flashers under the ramps but none of them worked out very well. Will have to save it for another day.

Peace out, Pinball Freaks.

P.S. Next up for me will be a rebuild of the version of Monster Bash that I had posted at the now deceased Shivasite (R.I.P.) :(


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Whoa.....looks excellent, thank you Jamin, played this a bit and a rather tasty game it is, well, well, well Michelle. :)


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Ball got stuck on the G ramp at the bottom (the 2-wire piece). I do like how fast the flashers are and the bounciness of the table. Makes it frustrating to play, but bounce isn't bad to see once in awhile. Thanks Jamin.


Pinball Player
Thanks Jamin, very nice version...been quite sometime this table got some needed attention! Thanks for keeping it angle independent also!!!:)


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Explanation fer Joe

The Diagnostics from the rom and the manual have Light 7 as Multiball Ready and Light 8 as Add Band Members. On Apocalypse's (Sellenoff and PeBo also credited in the Table Info portion) Guns N Roses 1.2 Light7 and Light8 are placed correctly but the text decals should be switched around.
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