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ha ha - they called security!


Pinball Wizard


New Interview and Performance: Timothy Moffett​




I'm still somewhat in shock from Timothy Moffett's visit to the office yesterday. Tim is a really nice guy who is certainly passionate about his touch-synth music. Its almost impossible to put his performance into words. It was certainly "unique." Hell, some people might even call it "special."
Just a factual note that you may have already picked up on from Mike's blog - some of the other offices in our building did in fact call security.
Anyway, judge for yourself....

Click Here to listen to the interview with Tim
Click Here to watch video of Tim Moffett's unique performance
July 12, 2006
http://web.archive.org/web/20060822024900/http://www.texasgigs.com/blogs/soundcheck/2006/jul/12/tim-moffett/ (Soundcheck: New Interview and Performance: Timothy Moffett | texasgigs.com)
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