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Happy *hic% New [burp^ Years


PN co-founder
A happy, healthy, and harmonious new year for everyone in the VP community, especially our friendly foes, which add both spice & character to our pinball family. Personally, 2004 started poorly but ended soaring high. Not only did I return to my beloved home town after a seven year absence, I also returned to the web and Pinball Nirvana after being away a year and a half due to health problems. And in the few short months I’ve been back, I’ve seen some things that I'd like to comment about.

First, I owe a debt of gratitude to the owner and co-founder of Pinball Nirvana, JonPurpleHaze. Not only did he bring the site back to life in June of 2004, on a hunch that I’d be back, but he has allowed me the freedom to run our site my way. Even when my way didn’t please him. His love of vintage pinball matches my love of bagatelle & flipperless. He’s not only a fantastic host, but a great partner and friend. Best of all, the few things we don’t agree on are all minor.

Next, I’m thrilled that shiva, or Big Blue, as I call him, was able to finally move to a new server. The switch has got to be good for shivaSite and VPF. No longer will we have two important sites go down together. While it might seem as if I was anti-AJ, I wasn’t. I will admit to being a friend and fan of shiva’s, so that might be what folks noticed. We need both VPF and shivaSite as well as VP Originals, VO Online High Scores, and little Olde Pinball Nirvana. Each site adds something special to VP, and I’m of the opinion that any member who limits their VP experience to only one or two site is cheating him or herself.

I’ve made a number of changes here at Pinball Nirvana since I’ve returned. I reorganized our 250 + tables and support files into easier to use categories. I expanded our forums to include more than just flipperless threads, and we now have the largest jokes and humor section in VP. We also have had and continue to have lively but civil debates and discussions, often led by PacDude’s endless conspiracy theory posting. Even VPF’s leading defender, the noble Mr Wanker dropped in to fuss at us a time or two, once his sense of right and might have been challenged. I sort of miss him stopping around; maybe I’ll have to yank his chain again.

I’m adding back older flippered recreated tables, most prior to the mid or late 50s, which have unusual flipper placements. When I find time, I’ll add as many as I can, if the authors approve. Note than no originals will be accepted for this section. Those should go into the Original Coin-Op section. I’m also expanding our Gallery, slowly, as time permits, with more flipperless, EM, and trade stimulator images.

So, as 2005 peeks from under the covers, I’d like to thank each and every person who has visited Pinball Nirvana, for you’ve all helped us grow for 5 page view our first day back, June 5, 2004, to over 200,000 visits in less than six months. And an almost doubling of members in the past four months alone. Without every member and guest, it would get lonely here for me. This site is what keeps me fighting through the pain, giving me a chance to combine several things I love, Pinball and Writing. So know that to Jon and me, you’re more than simply a collection of usernames but Friends. Some I’ve know close to four years, others just a few months, but I treasure all of you. But who I really treasure is Patrick, my new partner. It’s wonderful to have someone whose passion for flipperless is as overwhelming as mine.

So, however you celebrate the New Year, I hope you’re all safe, secure, warm, and happy. Sometimes that’s really all we need. Well, that and flipperless! :p

Hugs & Handshakes . . . tiltjlp :oldman


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