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Help Please!! I just see the score!!!! Where´s the table??


Pinball Nudger
Hi guys, I instaled VP today with many tutorials and more but when I play, just see the score, I try change the size of window but nothing happens, just a little score and I don´t see the table.

sorry but my english is very bad.



Pinball Wizard
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The score box is from VPinMAME, but if you only see a little score box (DMD box) and no table it sounds like you need to install Visual Pinball. Try the VIP install pack by Phoenixx. It has Visual Pinball and the VPinMAME programs ready to go.
After installing the VIP, make sure to download and Unzip the table.vpt file to the Tables folder and if the table is a VPinMAME table you also need to download a ROM file for the table. Put the ROM in the ROMs folder and keep the ROM ZIPPED.

Get the VIP installer here:


Starfleet Member
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You could be right sleepy.

He said 'I installed VP' but he also said 'little score' (not fullscreen), so it might in deed be that he only installed VPM thinking it would be VP.

Using the VIP just to be sure is probably a good idea here,...
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